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If you are a trade customer looking for consistent supplies of high quality, ethically sourced, tanned rabbit pelts, you will find English Rabbit Fur a cost effective, highly reliable and trustworthy long term partner. We take pride in working with start-up businesses as well as long-established concerns.

We are delighted to work with customers requiring regular ongoing orders from 10 pelts to 2000+ pelts. 

English Rabbit Fur is proud to be the supplier of choice to a wide range of commercial customers. We have trade customers across the UK, several European countries, in the USA and in Australia. We would love to add your business to the list.

The markets we currently supply include

  • Dog training aids

  • Dog toys

  • Cat toys

  • Costume supply

  • Retail outlets and market stalls

  • Theatre and props

  • Photographers

  • Fashion accessories manufacture

  • Accessory manufacture

Contact Nigel to discuss your specific requirements.
Tel: 07711093420

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