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Rabbit skins have a mixed reputation in the world of design and manufacturing. In recent years, the exposure and prominence of the poor treatment of animals has increased hugely. This is only a good thing in our opinion and we encourage more of this to happen. You may have seen the heart wrenching videos whereby animals, including rabbits, are treated like prisoners of war and effectively tortured to obtain their fur and meat. 

We are wholly against this.

As a result, we have spent years trying to source the highest quality rabbit skins while ensuring the highest ethical standards are met. We believe animals are entitled to a free and fulfilling life, just as much as humans. 

Our pelts are sourced from rabbits which are killed for their meat in order to supply the consumer markets, or as a measure of pest control. If our pelts aren't from these ethical farms then they are from the wild where the rabbits are controlled to prevent crop damage and the spreading of disease. The fur is merely a waste product of these two processes and we treat it to make it ready for use in clothing and other items.

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