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Handcrafted Pewter and Sterling Silver,  styled with recycled Sterling Silver wirework and exquisitely detailed lead and nickle free pewter and Sterling Silver beads.  The design was inspired by the magic of India's Shimla region.




    Pewter is a metal alloy that is believed to have first been used in the Near East at the start of the Bronze Age and has been used for thousands of years since. 


    At some points in history, pewter has been labelled 'the poor man?s silver', but this is an unfair description of this useful alloy.  Today, lead and nickel free pewter is the fourth-most?common metal used worldwide in jewellery production, benefitting from its resistance to tarnishing and its pliability, making it possible to create elegant and complex designs.


    Hook Wire:  Sterling Silver

    Length:        50mm


    These earrings are handmade and there will be slight variations in colour and size in each pair produced.

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