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Extra Large Natural pelt

Extra Large Natural pelt


Beautiful extra large rabbit fur pelts, available in a range of shades, ethically sourced and tanned ready for the production of items such as clothing, accessories, hats, rugs, blankets, bedding, toys, animal training, fly tying and much more. These are super soft and supple with a high quality tanned flesh/reverse side.

Average size:          60 x 40cm  (our standard large pelts are 40 cm x 30 cm)
Average thickness: 1.6

A gloriously soft and silky fur - they look as good as they feel!

For those looking to take rectangles from the pelt, a shape of 50cm x 30cm is achievable (compared to 30 x 20 for the large pelts)

Source of rabbit fur skins
The rabbits are killed for the primary demand of human meat consumption and/or pest control. The breed of rabbit we source the fur from is commonly known as 'New Zealand' and 'Pardo' rabbits.

The pelts will come with a mild rabbit scent. This is only natural and general airing and usage will result in this scent disappearing.

As with all natural products, there will be some variation in colour, texture, and size.

Looking for higher quantities or international delivery? Simply drop me a line and I will be able to assist. 

- Adam

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