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Black Plate

Black Plate


A luxuriant black, these plates are made up of twelve Grade-A real rabbit fur pelts, ethically sourced and tanned (click here to find out more), ideal for creating throws, quilts, garments, dog and cat bedding, or simply serving as a signature piece within an indoor environment.


The dyeing process creates colour consistency for vibrant, ultra-soft, supple pelts, and expert craftsmanship ensures the pelts are perfectly stitched to create a seamless appearance.


    Average size: 120cm x 60cm

    Average thickness: 1.2mm

    Gloriously soft and silky fur - they look as good as they feel!

    Important: Source of rabbit fur skins
    The rabbits are killed for the primary demand of human meat consumption and/or pest control. The breed of rabbit we source the fur from is commonly known as 'New Zealand' and 'Pardo' rabbits.


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