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Why the fauk (a fancy name for fake) fur argument can be false!

Is fake fur an acceptable replacement for real fur? In the case of rabbit pelts, the answer is no!

Did you know faux fur is an oil based plastic, non sustainable and not eco-friendly, using large amounts of fossil fuel and polluting our air and water. The product is mostly produced in the worst polluting countries of the World, in the Far East countries such as China.

As fake fur products are cheap and often poorly made, the damage to the envirnoment continues after their production, as they often get thrown away after a short life. -they are products of the disposable economy. Products made from faux fur end up in landfill for decades. Articles made from natural rabbit pelts have a real value, and a long life (look at the vintage clothing market) and when they are finally disposed, the product is biodegradable.

There is a lot of controversy around the world about the use of real fur. I have been involved in the leather industry for many years, and have experienced the emotional and practical realities of the world. I am wholly in support of banning any activity in which animals are subjected to cruelty, and fur farming of certain animals has been abhorrent. This is why when we started English Rabbit Fur is was so important to uncover the truth about this business, and to be certain that the rabbits were not mistreated. All of our rabbits are farmed in accordance with strict EU legisation and controls, and the fur is a by-product of a highly regulated food industry.

Of course, there are countries around the world where rabbit fur farms exist, and the animals are treated in unacceptable ways, and for this reason we will never trade a pelt of uncertain origin.

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